Gosau, with its beautiful Gosau lakes and the impressive panorama of the Dachstein and the Gosaukamm, lies in the southernmost part of the Salzkammergut. The Salzkammergut with its 76 lakes and impressive mountain landscapes is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Europe. Places such as Bad Ischl, St. Wolfgang and Hallstatt are world-famous "places of longing" for tourists from all over the world.

Those who choose our village "Gosau" for their holidays primarily want to enjoy the landscape with its many "places of power" or "conquer" the mountains on skis in winter or by hiking and cycling in summer to one of the many huts or even up to the Dachstein to the Adamek Hut.

In winter, the "Dachstein-West" ski area, in conjunction with the "Krippenstein" ski and freeride area, invites beginners and experts to ski. Most of the ski huts are rather "rustic". If you need "chic chic", you are probably in the wrong place here.

In summer, our mountains invite you to go hiking and climbing. And then of course the many lakes....... . Romantic mountain lakes such as our Gosau lakes or larger lakes such as Lake Hallstatt, Lake Attersee or Lake Wolfgangsee are not only suitable for swimming, but also for all water sports activities. And then of course the Altauseer See..........., impressively beautiful!

Make a long story short.....: if you like sports in winter and summer and appreciate good Austrian cuisine, you'll love our region.