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There are 76 lakes, usually with crystal-clear water, in the Salzkammergut. The Gosau lakes in our beautiful Gosau are definitely among the most beautiful of these lakes. But the most beautiful one, at least for us, is about 25 minutes away by car. It is the Altauseersee, around which an 8 km long circular path leads directly around the lake. Many bathing spots invite you to sunbathe and swim. Beautiful!!! The "Jagdhaus Seewiese" café (perhaps known to James Bond fans as the setting for the film "Spectre") is located about halfway along the circular route and the "Seewiese Altausee" restaurant is just a few metres further on. After decades of decay, they have been brought back to life this summer after being restored to their original state. A visit to these two restaurants alone is worth the journey. 

Journey: Head towards Hallstadt/Bad Goisern, then towards Bad Ausee. Shortly before Bad Aussee, turn left towards Altausee and drive to the car park. The short hike starts from there.

After living in the region for several years, close to Hallstadt, the spectacular nature of this small village has naturally faded somewhat into the background. But if you're on holiday in Gosau, you should definitely pay it a visit. It is not without reason that the place appears in various forums and traveller reports around the world (I recently saw on Pinterest that it is supposedly one of the 30 most spectacular places in the world). When I look at the other 29 places...... . Well, maybe it's because I've been there so many times that I can't quite see it that way anymore. In any case, you should visit the small museum in the town centre. It takes you back to the history of salt production and the heyday of local prosperity in the region.

How to get there: By car on the main road on the right through Gosauzwang. At the fork in the road, turn right towards Hallstatt. There are numerous car parks. You are not allowed to drive into the village itself. From "dasGams" approx. 12 km.

In another post in this little info blog, I had already mentioned the beautiful "Altauseer See", about 30 minutes by car from Gosau. High above the Altauseer See is the "Loser". At 1,837 metres, this is the highest mountain in Auseerland. Since 1972 there has been a "panorama road" leading up to 1,600 metres to two inns, which offer delicious food and ample parking. From there, a wonderful short hike leads to the summit. Past the idyllic Augstsee lake and the "Loser Window" (see photo) up to the summit. Always with a view of the "Altauseer See", which lies over 1,000 metres below. But be careful: don't forget sturdy footwear, i.e. hiking boots. Some of the route leads through rocks and generally rugged terrain. You even have to climb through one or two small passages. But actually doable for everyone!

It takes a good 35 minutes to reach the Schafberg summit station by cable car but you wish it would take take much longer, so terrific are the views on Austria's steepest cogwheel railway: with every metre of altitude and with every curve, the perspective on the world changes. Once at the top, passengers have eleven lakes at their feet and if weather permits, they can even enjoy a view of the Hohe Tauern with the Großglockner." (Wikipedia)

There is no better way to describe the ride on the Schafbergbahn. We have always thought we knew the Salzburger Land really very well and  have so far unfairly rejected a ride up to the summit by train as being "too touristy". But we were taught better. The ride up in itself is a great experience. Once you reach the summit of Schafberg, you can hardly get enough of it.

When you think of culture and music in Salzburg, you probably first think of Mozart and the Salzburg Festival. Quite rightly, of course!

But there is also an exciting alternative scene in Salzburg. Whether it's music, modern dance or theatre. A special highlight is the "ROCKHOUSE" at 46 Schallmooser Hauptstrasse. If you like blues, rock or songwriters and easy-going, culture-loving people, this is the place for you. You might even meet Lars Eidinger there, famous German actor who played "JEDERMANN" at the Salzburg Festival in recent years. He loves the Rockhouse and  works as a DJ there now and then. Or Albert Lee (all guitar players will now ask themselves, how can you miss that?), who likes to start his European tours at the Rockhouse.

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The "Sissi town" of Bad Ischl (Sissi =Empress Elisabeth of Austria - Hungary) is barely 25 minutes away. A truly romantic and pretty place! And if you are already there, a visit to the castle is worthwhile. , This is where the last Austrian Emperor Franz - Joseph I spent his holidays with his wife Sissi,

If possible, go there on Fridays, the earlier the better. That's market day. And it's really worth it! Everything that the Salzkammergut has to offer in the way of delicious food is available there. And a really great "atmosphere of enjoyment". Then finish off with a cappuccino and a wonderful tart at the "RÜHRWERK" or the world-famous "ZAUNER" and a day of indulgence could hardly start any better.

A very special experience is the short hike through the Lammerklamm gorge, just a few kilometres behind Abtenau, direction Golling. The entrance is right next to the road leading from Abtenau to Golling.

The river Lammer has its source in the Tennengebirge, not far from St. Martin, and meanders through Annaberg and Abtenau until it flows into the Salzach near Golling. In the Lammerklamm gorge, it forces its way through a narrow crevice, the so-called Lammeröfen. Depending on the season and the amount of water pressing through the crevices, it is an impressive spectacle. The short hike (also easy for less experienced hikers and children) through the gorge takes just under 30 to 40 minutes and ends in the village of Scheffau directly at the Lammerklause country inn.

A short hike. Spectacular views guaranteed!